Dufaylite Clayboard®

Clayboard by Dufaylite is a unique sustainable, 100% recyclable honeycomb board creates a technically sound void, solving ground movement issues and preventing structural damage caused to foundations by clay heave. Accredited by the BBA and specifically designed to work in commercial and domestic environments, the technical properties of the environmentally friendly Clayboard void former system means significant savings in both time and money.

Due to its unique make up, Clayboard creates very little compression and virtually no uplift, allowing for a lighter slab, less reinforcement steel. This void former also reduces soil excavation, muckaway costs and deliveries to the site as the product is 30% thinner than any other product on the market

Deliveries arrive direct to site in a weatherproof seal. Clayboard has been used on a wide range of projects, including everything from complex commercial developments. The thickness of product required will be determined by the plasticity index, which is specified by the soil engineer. Varying thicknesses are available and estimated thicknesses, strengths and requirements are shown on the attached technical data sheet.


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