Mapecure SRA

Curing admixture with the ability to reduce hydraulic shrinkage and the formation of micro-cracks

The product is added during mixing to repair mortars and to all types of concrete, to allow them to expand during the first few days of curing, including during air curing. This property helps reduce the formation of micro-cracks and also guarantees that the final level of hydraulic shrinkage is extremely low.

Some typical applications are:

• floor joists and motorway viaduct piers;
• industrial floors;
• multi-storey car parks;
• hydraulic works, such as canals, overflow channels, tanks, etc.;
• prefabricated concrete elements such as cupolas, beams, pillars, buffer panels, etc.;
• lining road and railway tunnels.

Mapecure SRA is supplied in: 900 kg tanks; 20 kg drums; 0.25 kg cans.


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