Non-Conductive Pins

Non-Condutive Road & Fencing Pins Designed to Protect Against Dangerous Currents

Eliminate the risk associated with striking underground power cables. Insulated pins are genuine lifesavers, providing protection from dangerous currents. Our range of non-conductive road and fencing pins are 100% insulated between the point and striking surface to help keep you out of harm’s way. Made from extremely tough fibreglass with strong colouring for high visibility, they are ideal for construction sites. Tested to 5,000v for use at 1,000v – our insulated tools are tested and approved to BS8020. Insulated Pin Range consists of three versions which are designed with use and application in mind:

Insulated Road Pin: Excellent at securing profile boards in place while pouring the concrete, these insulated road pins provide the ultimate protection against electrocution when working on project sites. Supplied in lengths 600mm / 900mm

Insulated Fence Pin: Used with temporary fencing, our robust and highly visible non-conductive fencing pins are available in standard (plastic spike) or with a metal spike, more suitable for installation into tougher terrain. Supplied in lengths 600mm / 900mm

Insulated Line Pin: Our line pins have a plastic spike designed to go into grounds that have a hard substrate, making them ideal for holding concrete road forms and profile boards in position while concrete dries. Supplied in 1270mm length c/w a metal or plastic spike.


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