Non Conductive and Insulated Pins

Non-Conductive Pins: Traditionally, marker pins and fence pins were manufactured from steel, posing a high risk to the user in the event of striking underground power cables. With our non-conductive pins, this risk gets eliminated. The main benefit of using nonconductive pins for fencing or line markers is that they eliminate the risks associated with accidentally striking underground or unseen power cables. Groundwork and construction crews are protected from any potential underground electrical hazards.

Insulated Line Pins: Our insulated line pins are specifically designed for the protection of operatives as they eliminate the risk of electrical hazards such as accidentally striking underground or unseen power cables. They are perfect for use on hardened and compacted ground. They can be easily installed with a sledgehammer. They can be combined with our non-conductive pins as well

  • 1.27m non-conductive fence pin
  • 600mm line marker
  • 750mm line marker
  • 900mm line marker


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