Solco Anti-Corrosion Petro Tape

Fabric tape for corrosion protection of holding down bolts / pipes

Solco Petrolatum Tape is a 1.15 mm VOC Free, cold applied, wax based tape designed to protect piping and metal structures from damage and deterioration caused by corrosion at temperatures up to 70°C (158°F). This multi-environment coating is appropriate for use below grade in dry, damp or wet operating conditions. The Solco Petrolatum Tape encapsulates the surface in order to protect it, this allows for easy inspection of the substrate and repair of the coating. The tape is used with the Solco Paste which completely wets out the substrate surface and displaces any moisture.
Solco Petrolatum Tape is a highly mouldable protective coating that will easily conform to irregular contours and difficult to coat structures. It is available in both a Temperate, Tropical & marines grades. Solco Petrolatum Tape contains non-toxic additives and meets the fire resistance requirements of BS 476 Part 7 and GB 8624.

Roll Sizes:10mt by the following widths 50, 75, 100, 150, 225, 300 mm

Paste: 2.5kg


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