Solcourse Insulated DPC

Solcourse Insulated DPC is a thermal cavity closer designed to close the cavity around window and door reveals in conjunction with a return block, fitting between the return block and inner edge of the outer skin of brickwork. The polyethylene foam insulation will help prevent cold bridging and eliminate moisture, mould and staining from around windows and doors, while the DPC is embossed to assist mortar adhesion.

Solcourse Insulated DPC is easily installed as the brickwork progresses and before the window or door is fitted. The DPC should sit against the inner side of the outer brickwork to prevent moisture penetration. When joining it is recommended to lap the DPC by at least 100mm and to ensure the insulation is tightly butted with no breaks.

The polyethylene DPC conforms to the requirements of BS6515 with a thermal conductivity of 0.039W/mK.

Roll Size : 165mm or 225mm width x 10mt roll


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