Solcure Wax WB

High Efficiency, Water Based Wax Curing Membrane

Solcure Wax WB is a white, water based low viscosity wax emulsion, which when spray applied to the surface of fresh concrete forms a clear film on drying.

Solcure Wax WB will greatly increase concrete curing efficiency, by retaining moisture, enhancing cement hydration thus providing a stronger, more durable concrete. Suitable for all concreting particularly for large areas, floors & carriageways.

• Significantly improved curing of concrete.
• Water based, non-flammable.
• Provides a stronger, more durable concrete.
• Exceeds the 90% curing efficiency index (in-house test).
• Spray application, reduces labour costs.
• Single component, i.e. no mixing involved.

Pack Size : 5lt, 20lt, 25lt, 210lt


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