Solfix Vinylester SF Resin Grout

A Vinylester Styrene Free Resin Anchor System

A two component chemical anchoring injection system. A formulation derived from vinylester SF resin with very high bond strength, developed principally to anchor threaded rods and rebar into concrete. Used for high performance structural applications.


• Suitable for high loads within standard annulus and embedment’s.
• Fast working times for early loading in time sensitive applications.
• No styrene allows for use indoors and in enclosed spaces.
• Use in wet or flooded environments and fixing holes.
• High durability, resistance to chemicals.
• Used for studs and rebar.
• 10:1 resin available in a variety of cartridge types.
• Available with colour change technology (Blue to Grey gel indicator)
• Fixings in concrete, wood, or other high strength materials.

Cartridge : 410ml


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