Bluebay are now stocking Terwa Alligator Couplers – a splicing coupler designed to meet the requirements of BS8110 and EC2 for mechanical couplers used to form butt joints in reinforcement steel.

The Alligator Couplers are supplied in a range of sizes to suit the reinforcement steel range 10mm to 40mm inclusive. The system is ideally suited to minimising steel congestion in heavily reinforced structures, providing simple connections for prefabricated reinforcement steel and facilitating the removal and replacement of damaged reinforcement steel in repair contracts. The mechanical connection is made by inserting the rebar into each end of the coupler and tightening the lock shear bolts by hand, once satisfied that the joint is suitably assembled and aligned, the lock shear bolts are tightened up with suitable impact driver. The bolt heads shear off at the desired torque setting, giving a clear indication that installation is complete and satisfactory.