Two Part Crack Inducer

The two part crack inducer is a made from a rigid PVC. The top section measures 25x10mm and is easily removed to form a groove in the concrete for subsequent sealing. It is inserted into wet concrete and will, with or without the aid of a bottom crack inducer, create a plane of weakness in a controlled position in the slab.

The two part crack inducer is inserted into the freshly laid wet concrete. An aluminium t-section should be used to form the groove in which to insert the crack inducer. Concrete around the joint should be recompacted. The unbraced legs of the top section allow for easy removal from the hardened concrete leaving the bottom section in-situ. The neat clean and straight groove left by Bi-Former needs little cleaning prior to finishing with a joint sealer

Size : 10mm x 50mm or 75mm x 5mt long



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