Concrete Block 4 Pointed Spacer

A High Quality Bespoke Concrete Spacer with Plastic Clip

The Molenaar Concrete Block 4 Pointed Spacer with Plastic Clip is a stable spacer that is nearly invisible after casting. The four small feet make the spacer extremely stable on all surfaces, they also ensure that they are almost invisible. The precision-engineered curves ensure that concrete can flow under the spacer to produce a smooth result. This spacer is often used in the production of lining elements and other round forms.

To meet the requirements of spacers in all cases, production is undertaken in various strengths and environmental classes. The spacers can be produced in the type of concrete of your choice, such as coloured concrete or concrete with special additives or other types of cement

Exceeds the requirements of BS7973 & KOMO certified

Cover sizes are from 20mm – 55mm all have different coloured Clips to distinguish the size.


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