CombiForm Screed Rail

A Superior Floor Levelling System

The CombiForm screed rail is made of steel with a plastic strip on the top.  Easy to use, CombiForm has a weight of just 1.5kg per metre for the 105mm rail, which makes handling far more manageable than the traditional concrete rails.  CombiForm can be used to produce Super flat floors and its design boasts superior strength allowing it to be used with all types of vibration bridges where other similar products would simply buckle under the weight.

Benefits :
• Leave in place screed rail and stopper
• Form work – allows continuous pouring
• Dowel bar holder
• Strong construction joints and/or contraction joints
• Available in seven heights
• Superior strength & Lightweight
• Stackable – minimize storing needs
• Suitable for all beddings – inside and outside
• Crack allocation – controlled crack area from curing to entire lifetime
• Accurate levelling
• High quality and durable floor instantly

CombiForm is delivered in lengths of 2.2 metre, 10 rails/bundle. They can be stacked, thereby taking up less space on site.


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