Recostal Keyboard Screed Rail XL

Isolation joint units for industrial floor slabs

Recostal® Keyboard XL / XLV / XLS is designed as formwork for the installation of contraction joints in industrial ground floor slabs. Rather than subsequently saw cuttings joints, a controlled crack appears along the unit. The top of the unit consists of a plastic cap strip which can be installed either as a permanent or a removable strip. If the cap strip is removed, the joint can be sealed with an elastic sealing compound.

The trapezoidal profile provides a keyed profile between the slabs. Deflection of the individual floor slabs can thus be avoided. In order to increase the capacity to withstand shear forces, the Keyboard units can be equipped with additional dowel bars. The height can be adjusted with set-screws incorporated in the formbraces. There is a wide variety of systems available for the top of the Recostal® Keyboard units to allow for various

Sizes available from 150mm, 180mm, 200mm 250mm 300mm


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