Dowel Bars – Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel Dowel Bars

The excellent corrosion resistance of stainless steel dowel bars eliminates the risk of structural damage due to rust and the need for costly refurbishment that can arise as a result. When compared with the costs associated with the use of carbon steel, stainless steel can reduce total lifetime costs significantly. Dowel bars are normally made from plain round steel. They are cast or drilled into concrete and are used to transfer loads across joints in concrete. In applications where movement is expected, the dowel bar is cast in one side and de-bonded in the other side of the joint.

• Grade 304 (1.4301) suitable for most atmospheric and concrete covered environments.
• Grade 316 (1.4401) the recommended grade for marine and corrosive environments.
• Proof Strength – 250 N/mm², Ultimate Tensile Strength – 550 N/mm²
• Standard stainless steel dowel bar diameters range from 6mm to 50mm.
• Stock lengths are up to 6m and bars can be supplied cut to any length.
• Threaded ends with ISO metric threads to BS 3643 can be supplied for fixing applications.
• A full range of accessory products are available including square backing plates, nuts, washers, tying wire, end caps and de-bonding sleeves

Stock Diameters : 12mm, 16mm, 20mm, 25mm

Stock Lengths : 400, 600mm, 900mm


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