Stainless Steel Tying Wire

Stainless steel tying wire is suitable for use as a tying wire or lacing wire but can also be used for a wide variety of other applications. The wire is soft and malleable so can be bent, twisted and tied.

Typical applications are for insulation, re-bar, fencing, cables, hangers, garden work and general tying applications where a good quality durable wire is required.

The UK Department of Transport Specifi­cation for Highway Works require that the fixing of stainless steel re-bar be completed using 1.2mm stainless steel tying wire. This is for highways, bridges and many other structures. This policy is adopted by local councils for their road development projects and was used extensively in the Mersey Gateway bridge project.­

Our stainless steel lacing wire is CE Marked to grades 304/­A2 (1.­4301) it is the most popular grade of stainless steel it is an ideal grade for everyday appli­cations, easy to form and long lasting. Stainless Steel 304 / A2 has good corrosive resistance in every day applications and is superior to other materials like Galvanized steel. For areas were corrosion risks are higher such as near sea water or chemicals 316 / 1.4404 stainless steel tying wire is recommended.

Grades 304 / 316 available in wire sizes 1.2, 1.4 & 1.6 and in coil weights 2kg,15kg & 20kg.

Packaging : Coils wrapped in white HDPE that are tightly wound and wrapped


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