EZ Roll Grass Paver

EZ Roll™ Grass Pavers® Systems are an alternative to traditional paving methods. EZ Roll Grass pervious paver solutions create a strong surface that can support heavy vehicles while allowing water to permeate the surface minimizing runoffs.

EZ Roll™ Grass Pavers® is a load transfer paving system, and are designed to be placed directly on a class II compacted gravel road base. The pavers are designed to transfer the vehicle weight load to the road base and prevent soil compaction that will damage the root system of the grass. The honeycomb cell paver product allows light to heavy vehicular traffic, and prevents soil compaction, which allows healthy root growth for sustaining turf.

EZ Roll™ Grass Pavers can be used for erosion control and helps reduce surface water runoff. EZ Roll™ Grass Pavers are sold in rolls with side-to-side and end-to-end clips that connect panels together securely. The rolls can then be rolled out over the road base, allowing for easy installation and a savings on labour costs.


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