Bluebay FirmaGround Paving System

FirmaGround Mats

Ground mats have increasingly become an alternative to concrete products as they are ideal for various building projects and easy to install. Currently, we are manufacturing four different ground mats – FirmaGround65 and FirmaGround Heavy Duty – which mainly differ in their compressive strength, making them suitable for use in a variety of building projects. All four ground mats are manufactured in the UK and are made from recycled high density polyethylene with other polymers added to reduce brittleness at low temperatures.

Additionally, it is designed to allow water to drain away whilst pockets at the base retain some water. This prevents grass from getting waterlogged or dying through lack of water. The individual ground mat parts are easily clipped together to build a surface which is ideal for car parks, pedestrian areas and access roads.

• Pathways & driveways
• New & overflow car parks
• Ground reinforcement / stabilisation
• Integration into (SUDS)
• Pedestrian access ways
• Access roads and roadways
• Event parking
• Road extensions and widening


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