Ancon Gauge Tape

Ancon Gauge Tape features the standard 225mm brick/block gauge and clearly indicates the fixing position of frame cramps.

It is applied directly to the structural frame. Frame cramps are fixed where indicated and masonry is built with each course aligned to the 75mm, 150mm or 225mm lines of the tape.

Ancon Gauge Tape provides a visual reference that aids accurate coursing and improves the quality of the external finish. Use of the tape can also accelerate the speed of construction. It allows frame cramps to be fixed at accurate vertical centres for the full height of an elevation in advance of the masonry being built. Pre-fixing frame cramps allows bricklayers to concentrate on their trade and is recognised to increase work rate. Pre-build checks can be made to ensure wall restraints are located correctly and securely fixed.

Whole sections of masonry can be raised without time consuming re-adjustments. More than one elevation can be worked on simultaneously ,increasing productivity and resulting in faster weatherproof structures.

Ancon Gauge Tape is hardwearing and waterproof. It is produced on high quality laminated film and supplied in33 metre rolls.


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