Ancon RT2 General Purpose Wall Tie

The Ancon Staifix RT2 is suitable for cavities from 50mm to 150mm and can be used in the construction of domestic houses and small commercial buildings up to 15 metres in height. Altitude and wind speed restrictions may apply.

The RT2 is CE Marked and can be used in line with NHBC standards.

Conforms to PD 6697 as a type 2 tie
Designed to replace the Double Triangle Tie
Can be used in line with NHBC standards

RT2 – conforms to EN 845-1 and BS 5628-1 as a Type 2 Tie
200mm up to 75mm cavity Box 250
225mm up to 100mm cavity Box 250
250mm up to 125mm cavity Box 125
275mm up to 150mm cavity Box 150

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