Idrocrete KR1000

A Crystallizing admixture for watertight concrete

Idrocrete KR1000 is a powder admixture made from special hydrophilic components which, when added to a concrete mix, reduces the permeability of hardened concrete.
How it works:
When water is added, Idrocrete KR1000 reacts with the calcium Hydroxide and other products that form during the hydration process of the cement to form components of the calcium silicate and other non-soluble salts. The crystalline compounds and calcium silicate hydrate are deposited in the
voids of the cement matrix and reduce its total porosity, thereby increasing the resistance of the concrete to the penetration of water under pressure.
Where to use:
Idrocrete KR1000 may be used with any type of concrete where a reduction of permeability is required. Once Idrocrete KR1000 has been added to the mix, it reacts with the water during the entire service life of the concrete. Idrocrete KR1000 may be used to make concrete that is resistant to aggressive environments. The specified exposure class of the concrete must always be respected, and the product cannot be used to make up for poorly designed concrete.

BBA Certificate 20/5754 Applies


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