Solshield High Performance DPM

Solshield High Performance Damp Proof Membrane is a multi layer low density reinforced polyethylene membrane, reinforced with a polypropylene reinforcing grid.

Solshield High Performance DPM is particularly suited for applications where heavy duty foundations and steel reinforced slabs are to be installed, and where a durable, robust and high puncture resistant membrane is better suited.

Solshield HP DPM is fully compliant with the standards for damp proof membranes as required by the UK building regulations. Solshield HP DPM provides a barrier for moisture, usually used within building foundations. It can also be used for a range of other damp proofing applications.

Solshield HP DPM is suitable for use in concrete floors in domestic and commercial (schools, hospitals leisure, shopping centres etc.) applications, in accordance with Clause 11 of CP 102:1973, where there may be capillary rise of moisture but not where it may be subject to hydrostatic pressure.

• BBA Cert 20/5737.
• Compliant to NHBC Standards, Chapter 5.1 Substructure and ground bearing floors.
• CE Marked.
• High strength and resistance to puncture.
• Suitable for use with the Solco DPC System Accessories.

Roll Size : 2mt x 50mt


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