Solshield High Performance DPM

A High Quality Reinforced Membrane

Solshield High Performance DPM is a multi-layer low density reinforced polyethylene membrane, reinforced with a polypropylene reinforcing grid. Solshield HP DPM is designed to be suitable for use as a low permeability gas membrane, in areas where low levels of radon and carbon dioxide are present, and can be used as an air / moisture protection system.

• BBA Cert 20/5737.
• Compliant to NHBC Standards 2019, Chapter 5.1.
• CE Marking Standard EN13967:2012.
• Complies with relevant codes of practice as published by CIRIA.
• Suitable for low levels of Radon & Carbon Dioxide.
• High strength and resistance to puncture.
• Compliant to NHBC Amber 1, where low levels of CO2 are present.
• Suitable for use with the Solco DPC System Accessories.

Roll Size : 2mt x 50mt


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