Mapeflex PU45

A High Quality Polyurethane Sealant / Adhesive

Mapeflex PU45 is a one component, rapid-hardening, PU45 paintable, thixotropic polyurethane sealant and adhesive with a high modulus of elasticity.

Mapeflex PU45 has been specially developed for sealing expansion and distribution joints in horizontal and vertical surfaces, including those which are subject to occasional chemical attack provoked by hydrocarbons. It is also recommended for flexible bonds between similar and different materials most commonly used in the building industry for both internal and external applications and as a replacement or to integrate mechanical fasteners.


  • Sealing expansion and distribution joints subject to movements
  • Industrial floors subject to vehicular traffic, including heavy vehicles
  • Concrete floors for internal and external projects
  • Ceramic flooring and coatings, including in areas subject to intense traffic
  • Concrete walls and general internal and external vertical structures
  • Sealing cracks
  • Sealing pipe-work systems for air-conditioning and electric cables.
  • Sealing sheet-steel sections, such as flashing and guttering.
  • Sealing general fillet joints.

Packaging: Available in 111 grey, 113 grey, black (600 ml soft cartridges) and in white, 111 grey, 113 grey, black (300 ml cartridges).


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