Mapei Adesilex PG1/2

Two-component, rapid-setting thixotropic adhesive for structural bonds.

Adesilex PG1 and Adesilex PG2 are two-component products based on epoxy resins, selected fine-grain aggregates and special additives. It is suitable for use structural repair, bonding and reinforcement of concrete elements, natural stone, mortar and brick.

Some application examples
• Structural reinforcement of beams and pillars by bonding steel or composite material.
• Non-flexible structural bonding of precast concrete elements.
• Sealing injectors and surface damage before injection 
• Sealing large cracks and repairing joint corners
• Bonding fibre-reinforced cement slabs and pipes.
• Waterproofing large size joints by bonding TPE strips to concrete.

2 kg kits: – 1.5 kg drums (comp. A); – 0.5 kg drums (comp. B).
6 kg kits: – 4.5 kg drums (comp. A); – 1.5 kg drums (comp. B).


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