Mapei Planigrout 300

Three-component fluid epoxy mortar for anchorage work

Planigrout 300 is an epoxy mortar specifically developed for fixing structural elements, structural repairs and structural fillings which are also subject to stress due to dynamic loads.

Some application examples
· Repair and structural reinforcement of beams and columns by casting into formworks.
· Rebuilding and renovation of crumbled joints in industrial floors.
· Repairing bridge-crane runways.
· Repair of joints between concrete slabs in deteriorated industrial floors (butt joints).
· Filling of large holes in concrete floors and slabs.
· Foundations for presses and general heavy machinery.
· Evening-out of the surfaces of support elements for the bearing of bridge beams.
· Structural fixing of tie-rod fasteners and bolts in existing concrete structures inc stone, rock and steel.

Application: pouring: Consumption: 2 kg/m² per mm of thickness.

12.2 kg kits:
– 1.6 kg drums (comp. A); 0.6 kg drums (comp. B); – 10 kg bags (comp. C)

36.6 kg units:
– 4.8 kg drums (comp. A); – 1.8 kg drums (comp. B); – 30 kg bags (comp. C).


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