Mapei Mapelastic Guard

Two-component, elastic cementitious mortar for protecting large concrete structures subjected to high stress.

Protecting concrete structures against aggressive atmospheric agents.

Some application examples
Protecting concrete piles and decks on road and railway viaducts from carbon dioxide penetration.
Protecting structures with insufficient concrete cover around reinforcing steel.
Protecting concrete surfaces that come into contact with seawater, de-icing salts such as sodium chloride and calcium and sulphate salts.
Protecting concrete with cracks caused by shrinkage to block the penetration of water and aggressive agents present in the atmosphere.
Flexible skimming layers on concrete structures with thin sections, including those subjected to small deformations when under load (for example
prefabricated elements).

Packaging: 32 kg kits: 24 kg bags (comp. A);  8 kg drum (comp. B).


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