Soltank Flex 20kg

High Performance Flexible Tanking Membrane

Soltank Flex – flexible tanking membrane is a premium elastomeric waterproof membrane for brickwork, concrete and stone. Soltank Flex is a two- Component flexible coating made of a cementitious powder and a high-concentration liquid polymer.

Soltank Flex can be applied to mineral substrates, such as concrete and masonry, to provide a protective waterproof barrier which can bridge cracks in the substrate so the coating remains water-tight. With superior crack-bridging ability down to -5°C, as well as thixotropic application properties.

Soltank flex is a suitable solution for areas at risk of movement in both internal and external environments. Soltank Flex is an excellent radon barrier and has passed all the relevant tests for resistance to this gas.

Pack Size: 20kilo tub, supplied as Powder & Polymer, coverage at 2mm thickness (up to 7m2 coverage)


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