Pozament 5 Star Grout – BB55 Silver

Pozament 5 Star Grout BB55 Silver is a pre-blended, specially formulated, shrink compensated cementitious grout with excellent flow and flow retention properties. It is part of the Pozament 5 Star grout range to meet the many performance requirements of construction grouting. All Pozament 5 star grouts are based on specially selected Portland cement, graded aggregates and high quality performance enhancing admixes.

Pozament 5 Star Grout Silver has been specifically designed to provide a high strength fluid grout solution for pouring into and under stanchion plates, machine base plates, underpinning, parapet rails, crash barriers, for supporting bridge bearings and for filling ducts in post tensioned and pre-stressed structures. It can also be used in its plastic trowelable state as a bedding mortar.

Pozament 5 Star Grout Silver has excellent workability retention and can be pumped, poured, trowelled or used as a dry pack material when reducing the water content added.

Bag Size : 25kg


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