Solco Aquacrate System

Solco Aquacrate is a loadbearing underground water storage/attenuation system. A complete system to aid in the storage and ground distribution of surface water in accordance with SUDS requirements. The Solco Aquacrate Soakaway System prevents extreme peak flow to main drainage and water purification systems.

· Assembled ready to install with up to 72M³ on a full load
· Available in different configurations to meet specific load requirements
· Available with high load-bearing capability able for HGV traffic
· Simple and fast to install with 2.5 units per M³
· Modular size ensures great versatility in both size and shape of storage
· Lightweight units under 20kg removes need for mechanical handling

Solco Aquacrate Soakaway System decreases the inconvenience of flooding during heavy rainfall, with rainwater cleaned by our Solsheet 500 Stormwater membrane  surround. As well as attenuation, the AquaCrate can also be used for greywater storage.

Nominal size – 1000 x 1000 x 400 mm – Capacity – 400Litres


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