Bluebay Remedial Crack Stitching System

The only fully certified helical crack-stitching system on the market. A two component system consisting of stainless steel SureTwist Bar and SureGrout

• A retro-reinforcement of bedjoint masonry
• A method of reconnecting cracked masonry

• SureTwist bar manufactured from 304 austenitic stainless steel, (316 available upon request)
• Non-disruptive repair method
• SureTwist bars and SureGrout provide excellent bonding characteristics within the masonry
• SureTwist Bars have a superb combination of axial strength and flexibility
• Absorbs further localised stress
• Minimises the likelihood of further cracking
• Eliminates the need to rebuild a wall
• Permanent repair
• A fast, cost effective and economical solution
• No special skills required for installation

• 10 No 6mm x 1000mm SureTwist Bar
• 1 No 3 Ltr Tub of SureGrout
• 1 No Crack-Stitching Gun
• 1 No Stainless Steel Nozzle
• 1 No Mixing Paddle
• 1 No Finger Trowel



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