Solcure Super R90

90% Efficient Concrete Curing Compound

Solcure Super is a 90% Efficient Concrete Curing Compound which physically “locks” moisture into freshly cast concrete surfaces to allow full hydration of the cement thus allowing the concrete to fully “cure”. It does this by covering the surface of the concrete with a resin film that prevents moisture from leaving the surface. Solcure Super and its variants should not be used where bonding of any renders screeds or coatings is required, in these situations use Solcure WW or Solcure WWT.

• Easily applied by spray, single coat application.
• 90% Curing efficiency (Classified to ASTM C309: Type 1 or 2, Classes A and B – BS 7542).
• Cures by locking in moisture to ensure full hydration.

Pack Size : 25lt, 210lt, 1000lt


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