Soltex Frost Protection Mats

A Range of High Quality Frost Protection Mats

Soltex frost protection mats makes an ideal concrete curing blanket when laying concrete at temperatures below 5˚C which generally requires special precautions (such as special concrete additives, heating devices, hot vapour equipment etc.). Soltex Frost Protection mats are an easy and inexpensive solution.

The thermal insulation effect of the Solco frost mat significantly reduces the loss of natural concrete hydration heat and thereby keeps the concrete warm long enough for a safe curing. The combination of their excellent thermal insulation performance, their negligible water absorption and their flexibility make Soltex frost mats ideal for improved concrete curing.

Soltex frost mat can be directly rolled onto the wet concrete. Wind conditions might necessitate the mats being held in place by suitable loading at the contractor’s discretion. Beware not to walk on the mats during installation and before hardening of the concrete.

Roll Size : 75mt x 1.5mt x 8mm / 50mt x 1.2mt x 10mm

Can also be produced in 20mm

Colour : Grey or White



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