Ice Melt Granules

A Salt Free Biodegradable Solution For Melting Ice & Snow

100% Technical Treated Urea Prills. Ice Melt Salt Free De-Icing Granules are used for treating areas where Salt and Grit are not suitable.

  • Meets Network Rail Manual Handling Guidelines
  • 100% Technical Coated Urea Granule Prills
  • Reacts with Ice to melt it in-situ to promote easy removal or can be laid to prevent Ice Forming.
  • Faster, Greener & Safer than salt based products. can be used to prevent ice forming.
  • As used by many leading Rail Networks.
  • Non Scratch, No Grit, No Fillers – 100% Pure Ice Melt De-Ice
  • Suitable for Rebar & Concrete

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