Advanced Anti-Impalement Guard

WISAblock provides a safe, efficient and cost-effective rebar protection method guarding against impalement and the threat of serious injury posed by exposed, or poorly protected steel starter bars on concrete substructures.

Product Features
•Fully patented design – tested to OSHA requirements with114kg from 3m height (blocks at 1.5m centres)
•80% reduction in application times compared to individual protective caps
•Cost-effective solution to anti-impalement
•50% cost reduction compared to alternative anti-impalement methods
•Clamp fits 10mm – 32mm rebar sizes
•Supports standard timber 4×2 allowing simple coverage of steel bars
•Light, robust and easy to store
•Provides a duty of care under HASAWA 1974
•Forms a natural hand rail system
•Protects recently poured concrete from rain damage
•Assists carpenters to hang kickers
•100% fully recyclable – constructed from high impact polymer
•Can be used horizontally or vertically
•Available in safety orange or yellow



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