Continuous Plastic Spacer (ZigZag)

The Zig Zag spacer is a versatile spacer with a high load-bearing capacity, designed for use when supporting reinforcement bar and mesh components. When used correctly, the Zig Zag spacer ensures a safe distance between the reinforcement & formwork and safeguards the specified concrete cover.

The offset triangular shape of the Zig Zag spacers unique design does not allow it to overturn easily, this positional stability benefits the user during the laying of the reinforcement, the closing of the formwork and concreting.

Available in 2mt lengths

Sizes : 15mm 20mm 25mm 30mm (100mt packs)

Sizes : 35mm, 40mm 45mm 50mm (80mt packs)

Sizes 55mm, 60mm, 65mm (82mt packs)


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