ActiSeal Bentonite Sealant

A trowel grade sodium bentonite sealant

ActiSeal Bentonite Sealant is a trowel grade sodium bentonite sealant and is formulated with sodium bentonite & butyl-rubber. With the consistency of a thick grease, ActiSeal is suitable for a range of surface preparation, void plugging, and detailing waterproofing applications. When ActiSeal comes in contact with water it will swell & seal. ActiSeal is formulated for use on structural concrete, masonry & most metal surfaces.

• Sealing Compound on waterproofing terminations, continuity details, etc.
• Levelling Coat for filling/levelling irregular substrate surfaces, etc.
• Void Filler for minor defects in concrete substrate

Packing: 25kg / 20L tub, 36 No. tubs per pallet

40mm x 40mm fillet = 20m per tub / 5mm x 50mm bed = 75m per tub


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