ActiFill Bentonite Granules

A treated granular sodium bentonite fill for detailing

ActiFill is a treated granular sodium bentonite used primarily as a detailing accessory product within waterproofing systems. Used dry or pre-hydrated and in confinement will form a dense waterproof ‘paste’ to act as detailing compound.  When applied in conjunction the ActiTex Waterproofing membrane the sodium bentonite will combine to form a seamless homogeneous water system.

• Fill Material for cavities & voids in the substrate prior to installing bentonite membrane
• Fillet Material when hydrated it forms a ‘paste’ around penetrations & junctions
• Buried Roof Layer when applied to the top of tunnels or buried roof structures

ActiFill – 25kg bag – 40 No. bags per pallet (1,000kg)


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