ActiStop Waterstop

A high-swelling hydrophilic waterstop strip

ActiStop is a hydrophilic strip waterstop and is a formulated blend of sodium bentonite & butyl rubber. ActiStop is an active waterstop which reacts with water to seal construction joints within concrete. The seal resists hydrostatic pressure, stopping the passage of water through the joint. Due to the sodium bentonite content on contact with water.

ActiStop will swell within its confinement, self-injecting into localised honeycombing & minor fissures. ActiStop is an active waterstop designed to replace passive PVC/Rubber waterbars, without the need for pre-formed intersections, split forming or seam welding. ActiStop is manufactured in coil sizes designed for single operative installation.

ActiStop – 25mm x 20mm x 5m coils 30m per box. Box weight 27kg.

ActiMesh – 90 No. 340mm lengths (3 No. bundles of 30), 30.6m per box. Nails included.


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