Dywidag Gewi Threadbar

Dywidag GEWI® Threadbar System for Reinforcement of Concrete.

The GEWI® Threadbar System consists of high yield GEWI® screwable steel and corresponding coupling and anchoring accessories, which enable safe and easy connections between anchorages made of GEWI® steel.

GEWI® Steel High Yield Threadbar is a high tensile alloy steel bar which features a coarse right-hand thread over its full length. The system has proved its efficiency around the world and offers versatility in a range of applications. Manufactured in accordance with the German Certificate of Approval issued by the Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik, the system also offers general conformance with BS 4449 : 1997 (Carbon Steel Bars for Prestressing of Concrete).

The minimum specified characteristic yield strength is 500 N/mm2 for bar diameters 16 – 50 mm and 555 N/mm2 for the 63.5 mm diameter bar. 16 – 50 mm bars can be welded using appropriate industry practices relative to the carbon content of the steel.


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