Waterstop Type S

Part of the Dywidag Range of Waterstops For Formties

When using a recoverable anchor with a plastic or fibre concrete sleeve, we recommend using a cast DYWIDAG Water Stop for a water and gas tight tie point. Waterstops are certified for water tightness up to 7 bar in accordance with DIN 1048. In order to seal the tie point even more easily and more securely, we recommend using a Water Stop Type N. It consists of a cold rolled anchor bar with a welded-on metal plate and an optional bentonite sheet that is glued on. Sizes as follows :

  • 15mm Ø Bar – 110mm long, Plate 120x120x2mm
  • 20mm Ø Bar – 160mm long, Plate 120x120x2mm

Also refer to Waterstop Type N & G


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