Plexus Reinforcement Continuity System

PLEXUS® is a prefabricated rebar continuity system reinforced concrete construction that provides a simple and cost-effective method for the continuity of reinforcement for concrete joints. The surface texture of the box is classified in the “smooth” category in accordance with the brochure DBV (German Society of Concrete and Building Technologies) “Bending of the rear concrete steel and the requirements for protective boxes”. P

PLEXUS®rebar reinforcing system is certified in accordance with CARES Certification and DIN EN 1992-1-1 with the brochure NA (D) and DBV (German Society of Concrete and Construction Technologies) “Bend back concrete steel and protective box requirements” , in accordance with Eurocode 2, January 2011. The length of the pull rods conforms to DIN 1045-1: 2008-08, section 12.3.2.


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