EpoxySET NF Resin

EpoxySet NF is a two-part, fast curing, epoxy resin adhesive blended with fine aggregate for bedding, gap filling and repairs to concrete, brick, stone and steel. It does not shrink or slump on curing and its impact resistance, and mechanical strength is significantly greater than that of concrete. Resistant to chemicals and solvents.

  • For surface repairs of fine cracks and spalls.
  • For gap-filling, grouting, bedding fixtures etc
  • For repairs to arrises and edge pieces without the use of formwork
  • Wherever a thixotropic epoxy mortar is required
  • Repairing vertical honeycomb concrete in abutments or overhead repairs on soffits
  • Fixing slip bricks to concrete
  • Securing bolts into walls.
  • As a gap-filling adhesive
  • Filling bolt pockets
  • Bedding tiles.
  • Repairing concrete posts in situ
Technical Data
Form Bag
Sizes 25kg


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