Mapegel UTT

Hydrophilic Gel for Waterproofing Underground Structures

Flexible three-component hydrophilic gel with excellent adhesive properties for waterproofing by injection in underground structures. Specifically formulated to absorb shrinkage and expansion of cracks and voids generated by temperature variation


• Natural tunnels (traditional and mechanised tunnelling).
• Artificial tunnels (cut and cover).
• Underground constructions.


• Waterproofing of loose and/or incoherent soil.
• Waterproofing of hydraulic structures with water leaks (micro-cracks)
• Waterproofing of dam walls.
• Waterproofing of bulkheads.
• Waterproofing of tunnels.
• Repair of waterproofing systems

Packaging : 25kg, 2.5kg & 2 x 0.625kg


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