Mapei Planitop Smooth & Repair R4

Structural R4 Rapid Setting Thixotropic Cementitious Mortar

Structural R4-class, rapid-setting, shrinkagecompensated, thixotropic, fibre-reinforced, cementitious mortar, applied in a single layer from 3 to 40 mm thick, for repairing and smoothing concrete

Structural repairs and smoothing over internal and external horizontal and vertical concrete surfaces; suitable for repairing structures exposed to the open air and in permanent contact with water.

Some application examples :-

  • Rapid repair work on deteriorated concrete beams, pillars, buffer walls, cornices, edges of balconies.
  • Quickly smoothing over surface defects in cast concrete, such as deep gravel clusters, spacer holes, second pours, etc.
  • Repairs and structural strengthening of concrete.
  • Repairing precast concrete members and elements.
  • Repairs to concrete damaged by rusty reinforcing bars due to carbonation

Packaging : 25kilo bags


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