Tarmac Quick Set 40N Concrete

Quick Set 40N Concrete is a rapid hardening concrete for highways use in high traffic areas.

Quick Set 40N Concrete is a high performance quick-setting C40 concrete ideal for the fast and efficient installation of posts, signs and other highways furniture. The one component blend of cements, additives and graded aggregates is available in 25kg water resistant plastic bags and only requires the addition of water on site.

Quick Set 40N Concrete is perfect for any concreting application that requires a fast return to service time, as well as a high final strength in line with that of a C40 concrete.

Quick Set 40N Concrete when set dries to a light grey colour and is suitable for both surface and sub-surface use.

Quick Set 40N Concrete product is perfect for the fast installation of posts, signs, telephone poles, street lighting columns, roadside barriers, speed cameras and much more

Pack Data
25kg bag

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