Recostal Threaded Couplers

A CARES Approved Threaded Coupler

Threaded splice connection for reinforced concrete structures With the new recostal® rebar coupler connection. Recostal coupler threaded connections offer an optimal and secure connection in reinforced concrete construction where reinforcement steel needs to be spiced. The connection with a female thread is available in sizes 14 mm-28 mm. For this purpose, the reinforcing bars can be ordered bespoke to specification

Recostal coupler connections can save time and costs, ensures a secure connection and helps conserve resources by saving reinforcement steel.

■ High fatigue strengths for use in bridges, among other applications
■ 100% power load transmission
■ Industry technical approval
■ Design flexability
■ Efficient and economical
■ Full technical and design support
■ Conservation of resources


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