Recostal Reinforcement Continuity System

The CARES Approved DYWIDAG-Systems International Recostal® RSH Key Profiled EC2 Starter Packs consist of specially selected pre-bent reinforcement housed in a uniquely trapezoidal profiled corrosion resistant casing, this is designed to provide continuity over construction joints while providing the highest key (indented) profile at the joint according to “BS EN 1992 1-1 Eurocode 2: Design of Concrete Structures”.

The unit is cast into the front face of the first concrete pouring section. After the formwork is struck, the backing is removed to reveal the starter bars inside. These legs are then bent out by the contractor and lapped onto the main reinforcement of the next pour. The rear casing remains embedded in the first concrete pouring section, providing a trapezoidal profiled rebate into which the concrete is poured. This eliminates the need for traditional preparation at the joint.

Trapezoidally profiled construction joints according to EC2 represent the highest category with regard to the transfer of shear forces.


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