Solco HD Bitumen Protection Board

A Tough & Durable Bitumen Protection Board

Solco Heavy Duty Protection Board is a tough, semi-flexible prefabricated protection board, composed of mineral fortified bituminous core, held under pressure between two asphalt saturated carriers.

Solco Heavy Duty Protection Board is used as a protection layer over waterproofing applications, as well as bridge decks, parking garage decks,
terraces, tunnels, foundation walls and slabs, and wet room floors. The tough durable nature of the product makes it ideally suited to withstand
the shock and impact of backfilling and paving as well as normal on-site traffic, concreting, or other toppings.

• Weather, warp and rot proof
• Excellent flexibility
• High puncture resistance
• Excellent resistance to chemicals
• Compatible with most Solco Waterproofing Systems

Sheet Size : 1mt x 2mt, Thickness :  3mm, 4mm, 5mm & 6mm


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