Solcourse HC DPC

A High Performance Hydrocarbon Resistant Damp Proof Course (DPC)

Solcourse Hydrocarbon DPC is a flexible sheet comprising a mixture of thermoplastic polymers and other additives, extruded into a sheet form
with an embossed surface to assist mortar adhesion. Solcourse HC DPC provides protection against the ingress of Hydrocarbons, Methane,
Carbon Dioxide, Radon as well as water vapour. Solcourse HC DPC is fully compliant to BS 8485:2015+A1:2019 and ISO 15105-1 test standard.

• Complies to BS 8485: 2015 and CE Marked.
• Outstanding water vapour resistance.
• Gas Resistant to VOC, Rn, CO2, and CH4 gases.
• Very high strength, puncture and tear resistant.
• Flexible at low temperatures and good mortar resistance.
• Suitable for site welding.
• Suitable for use on NHBC Amber 1 and 2 sites

Roll Sizes : 100mm – 900mm x 20mt rolls


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