Solshield Ultra Gas Barrier

A Multi Layered High Performance Gas Barrier

Solshield Ultra Gas Barrier is a multi-layer low density polyethylene (LDPE) gas barrier and damp-proof membrane reinforced with a polypropylene grid with an integral aluminium foil. The membrane is designed for use in concrete ground floors, above and below slab not subject to hydrostatic pressure. Solshield Ultra protects buildings against Moisture, Radon, Carbon Dioxide, and Methane from the ground.

Resistance to Water & Water Vapour – the membrane provides an effective barrier to the passage of water & water vapours from the ground.

Resistance to puncture – the membrane has a strong resistance to puncture and on smooth surfaces will not be damaged by foot/site traffic.

Durability – the membrane remains effective against the ingress of water and water vapour, will restrict the ingress of radon, methane, and carbon dioxide during the lifetime of the flooring construction in which it is installed.

• Complies with latest codes of practice as published by BRE, BSI & CIRIA.
• BBA Cert 20/5737, NHBC Compliant & CE Marked.
• Suitable to protect against the ingress of Radon (RN), Carbon Dioxide (CO2), and Methane (CH4).
• A multi-layer reinforced polyethylene membrane with integral aluminium foil.
• BS 8485:2015+A1:2019 Table 7 Accordant.
• Suitable for use as gas protection for NHBC Green, Amber 1, and Amber 2 site situations.
• High resistance to puncture.
• Also acts as a damp proof membrane.

Roll Size : 2mt x 50mt (Green / Silver)


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