Solcourse Cavity Trays

Cavity trays and associated preformed units have become necessary in buildings to protect areas where the cavity tray is being ‘bridged’ by an opening such as doors/windows, or a protrusion such as a column or cladding support angles.​ Cavity trays and associates preformed units allow for water, which has made its way into the cavity either by wind driven rain or building settlement to be safely removed to the outside.

The guidelines set in BS5628 pt3 (Materials and components design and workmanship) and BS8215 (Code of practice for installation of damp-proof courses) strongly recommend the use of cavity trays and associated preformed units. This recommendation is based on years of data showing the effect of water ingress on the fabric of the building and associated costs of remedial works.

The Solcourse preformed cavity trays are part of the DPC system which ensure continuity of protection at difficult changes of level, corners and penetrations and also ensure gas tightness in the Gas Protection Systems. Since they are preformed they reduce time and provide a simplified method of installation.

Cavity trays are available in a range of colours to suit facing brickwork or stonework and as well as the range of standard profiles, special units are also available upon request.

Cavity Tray Type Available : Internal / External Corners, Stop End Units, Threshold Units, Change Of Level Units, Threshold Units, I Beam Cloaks


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