Solco GR Flexi Top Hats

High Quality Flexible Top Hat Unit

Solco Gas Resistant Flexible Top Hat Units are made from a number of different membranes that are used for waterproofing and/or gas protection schemes. They are designed to form an effective seal where a pipe, duct or service penetrates a construction membranes. The top hat unit is selected to suit the membrane type being used, in order to provide continuous VOC, ground gas and/or damp proof protection.

Top Hat Units can be prefabricated to any diameter ranging from 20mm up to any size. The most common size used are for 110mm pipe, other sizes include : 55mm, 80mm, 110mm, 120,mm, 135mm and 160mm. Jubilee clips are available with Top Hats up to 135mm & available as an extra on larger sizes. The 110mm top hat is slightly tapered to allow for a smooth fitting over tape. Most other diameter come with a 90° up-stand.

Other bespoke designs are : Conical Top Hat, 45° Top Hat, Periscope Top Hat, Square Top Hat, Multi Entry Point Top Hat


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